Item imageElected Official's Guide: Long-Term Financial Planning

Create financial sustainability for your community with An Elected Official's Guide: Long-Term Financial Planning for Local Government. Learn the fundamentals of financial planning, from what constitutes a plan to how to establish one that will benefit your community's future. Sections covered include An Introduction to Long-Term Financial Planning; Long-Term Financial Planning and Organizational Roles; Implementing Long-Term Financial Planning; Cornerstones to Financial Sustainability; and Long-Term Financial Planning Implementation.

Written By Shayne C. Kavanagh and Monica Han Na

2008. Paperbound. 51 pp.
LOC no. 2008925620
ISBN 0-89125-294-0
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Obtain more information on how to achieve and maintain long-term financial sustainability with this GFOA release.

The Complete Elected Official's Guide Series (22 titles) These popular booklets provide practical and easy-to-understand explanations-in plain language-on a variety of public finance topics.

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