3rd Annual Better Budgeting - Three Part Series

(Nov 29) Creating a Budget Aligned with Community Priorities: An organization's budget needs to reflect the priorities of the community. This session will focus not only on the importance of identifying community priorities, but HOW to actually create a process that does this. The session will provide practical tips from the finance officer or budget officer's perspective on implementing this key change with departments, elected officials, and the public. (Dec 4) Budget Monitoring: Budget monitoring is more than just tracking actual spending. Governments should also monitor progress towards results and create an environment of proactive response to mitigate issues before they become damaging. (Dec 18). Building a Better Budget Office: While every government has a budget, all take different approaches to creating the budget or organizing the budget function. This session will explore and debate the best way to set up and manage the budget office for a variety of different governments
11/29/2018 - 12/18/2018
Live Streaming Event

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