GFOA Skills Building Workshop - Budget Development

GFOA Skills Building Workshop - Budget Development is a three-day workshop that will walk participants through a typical budget development process, operating and capital, focusing on best practices and practical guides for how to address common challenges in budgeting. Specific focus will be on technical competencies of budgeting and how to apply skills and lessons learned while also incorporating GFOA best practices. Starting with creating the timeline and budget calendar, this class walks through all the major steps to the budget including -- budgeting for personnel costs, forecasting revenues, comparing financial data to other communities, the interaction between the operating and capital budgets, the do's and don'ts of balancing the budget and taking the budget to the elected board for approval. While many of these components are covered in other GFOA sessions, this one focuses more on the technical aspects of the process as the content will provide a deeper dive in these area
3/19/2019 - 3/21/2019
Chicago - GFOA Training Center 203 N. LaSalle Suite 2700 Chicago, IL 60601

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