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Best Practices in Community College Budgeting

GFOA's Best Practices in Community College Budgeting provides for a comprehensive budget process framework focused on alignment of resources and desired student outcomes. The framework represents the culmination of a multi-year effort led by GFOA, with input from numerous community college officials and other experts in education finance, to develop guidelines for better budgeting, tailored specifically for community... Details
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Best Practices in School Budgeting

GFOA's Best Practices in School Budgeting provides for a comprehensive budget process framework that emphasizes academic and finance collaboration to best align resources for desired student outcomes. The framework represents the culmination of a multi-year effort led by GFOA, with input from numerous school district officials and other experts in education finance, to develop guidelines for better budgeting, tailored... Details
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The creation of a capital plan occurs long before the development of a capital budget. Get more involved and help recognize your government's capital needs today!

Finance officers have an opportunity to contribute valuable insight to all stages of capital plans and help insure capital project investments align with long-term service goals, objectives, and strategies. This book is divided into two sections. The first section of the book discusses considerations... Details

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This practical guide presents 12 key budget analysis tools and explains in clear language how to use them. Discussion covers both basic tools (such as decision tables and decision trees) and advanced tools (such as return on investment and cost-benefit analysis), and is well-illustrated with examples specific to local government budgeting. Brief descriptions and step-by-step procedures are provided for each tool. In addition, the book introduces four techniques for simplifying... Details

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Second Edition
The Government Finance Officers Association launched its most popular publications series 24 years ago when it issued An Elected Official's Guide to Government Finance. This second edition provides an overview of key financial management issues by topic, and includes references to new and updated GFOA policies and recommended practices. This book is divided into six general finance categories: Financial Policies,... Details
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Revenue forecasting plays an important role in the budgeting and financial planning processes of state and local governments. Since a budget is only as good as the assumptions and methods on which it is based, an accurate revenue forecast is necessary.
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Shared services can be used as a tool to provide more efficient government services at a time when most government budgets are extended. Its proven strategy makes it an attractive alternative to privatization or service cuts. This guide serves as a practical instruction manual by defining shared services; presenting possible types of intergovernmental shared services agreements; discussing the advantages and potential barriers to service sharing;... Details
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Create financial sustainability for your community with An Elected Official's Guide: Long-Term Financial Planning for Local Government. Learn the fundamentals of financial planning, from what constitutes a plan to how to establish one that will benefit your community's future. Sections covered include An Introduction to Long-Term Financial Planning; Long-Term Financial Planning and Organizational Roles; Implementing Long-Term Financial Planning; Cornerstones to Financial... Details

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Financial Policies

Financial policies are used by a governing board and executive management to set the baseline standards for how the organization will be managed financially. Financial Policies is a GFOA publication that provides guidance on developing and implementing financial policies. The book takes a new look at traditional policies such as those for general fund reserves, debt, and revenues. It also... Details
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Balancing budgets is one of the biggest challenges facing state and local governments today. Recognizing the critical need for new approaches, the GFOA offers the Budgeting Series, containing leading-edge concepts, practices, and tools governments can use to enhance their budget practices.

The Series includes:
  • Revenue Analysis and Forecasting - Volume 2
  • Decision Tools for Budgetary Analysis - Volume 3
  • Priority Setting Models for Public Budgeting -... Details
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    All the resources you need to complete your budget library.

    The Suite includes:
  • GFOA's Budgeting Series Classics (inlcudes 5 titles)
  • An Elected Official's Guide: Long-Term Financial Planning for Local Government
  • Financing the Future: Long-Term Financial Planning, and
  • Building a Better Budget Document (second edition)
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    As a major publisher, GFOA maintains an extensive inventory of publications on financial management and budgeting topics. Enhance your financial library with the Financial Management and Budgeting Set.

    Set includes 23 titles below:
  • Revenue Analysis and Forecasting (Volume 2)
  • Decision Tools for Budgetary Analysis (Volume 3)
  • Priority-Setting Models for Public Budgeting (Volume 4)
  • ... Details
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    IT Budgeting and Decision Making: Maximizing Your Government's Technology Investments

    You need to make sure the big bucks you're spending for IT are giving you the benefits you bargained for? including cost savings.

    This book explains how the budget process can be combined with concepts of IT governance to allocate technology dollars to the most promising uses and to create the management systems needed to achieve every possible... Details

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    All jurisdictions must set priorities during the budgetary process, whether by formal or informal methods. This volume uses case studies and a review of the public policy literature to offer an intermediate-level discussion of methods.
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    Of all of the functional areas of finance, the one most in need of guidance is government budgeting. The release by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting of this set of recommended practices represents a milestone in budgeting - in one document governments now have a comprehensive set of processes and procedures that define an accepted budget process. The practices advocate a goal-driven approach to budgeting that spans the planning, development, adoption, and... Details
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    This second volume in the GFOA Budgeting Series was written to provide financial analysts and public managers with the tools and techniques they need to improve both the process and the methods for conducting revenue forecasts.
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    The State and Local Government Performance Management Sourcebook
    Anne Spray Kinney and Michael Mucha, Editors

    The GFOA's latest publication on performance management presents findings from over two years of research into identifying trends and leading practices among public sector practitioners across the United States and Canada. The book explains essential components of a... Details