Program Review and Service-Level Alternatives for Budgeting

This intermediate-level course provides methodologies, concepts, tools, and best practice approaches to assessing your financial management performance and functions. Instructors will explain proven practices for enhancing business processes, maximizing existing technology, and strengthening staff, focusing on opportunities to transform your organization in key areas such as transaction processing, decision-support, internal control, and reporting. Attendees will gain information on how to assess, organize, and optimize the organization. This course will present case studies of successful initiatives and provide strategies and tools for conducting an assessment and creating a roadmap for high performance in your organization. Trainers will also discuss what resources are needed for the assessment, the time required, and how to enlist employees to help with the effort.
4/29/2015 - 4/30/2015
Portland-The Benson 309 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205

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