COVID19 Forecasting for Finance Officers

COVID-19 data and stories are pervasive and public finances appear to hang in the balance of governmental response. However, the way in which information on the spread/prevalence of COVID-19 is reported in the news and other mediums is often confusing and incomplete. To make the best financial preparations and decisions, you need more than data•you need the tools to use it. In this webinar, you will hear from highly accomplished data scientists who have made a career of explaining complex statistics in a way non-statisticians can understand and act on, and who have been acclaimed for their COVID-19 forecasting since January 2020. Of course, the focus is on COVID in these times, but many of the concepts in this webinar generalize to other challenges in planning, financing, and implementing governmental operations. Most of the concepts discussed in this webinar are the same ones that can be used to help governments make decisions in other areas where risk analysis is essential.
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