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Preparing for an ERP Upgrade

Date and Time:
Oct 29 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm EDT

Program Description:
It’s unavoidable. Eventually your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will require an upgrade. Although upgrade projects may seem painful, avoiding them will lead to an excruciating future. As a result of technology evolving into a ubiquitous business tool, applications as critical as ERP solutions should be maintained in similar fashion to other capital infrastructure.

This course is designed to teach stakeholders: 1) why upgrades are necessary; 2) how to determine if its better to upgrade or just replace your system; and 3) ho to best approach the upgrade process. The session will discuss the often-overlooked benefits of system upgrades such as improving business processes and fixing configuration. The session will also identify key mistakes that governments have made in dealing with upgrades so that you can avoid them in your own government.

Seminar Objectives:
  • Identify the symptoms and risks of an outdated ERP solutions
  • Define an approach whether to upgrade or replace their current ERP solution
  • Identify risk points in their current software license and software contract
  • Identify in-house capacity to upgrade
  • Identify tasks that are best suited for an outside contractor
  • Identify key components in an upgrade scope of work
  • Plan and budget for an upgrade
  • Understand how the “cloud” is changing the upgrade experience
  • Ensure your organization is ready to undertake the upgrade
  • Mitigate common mistakes with ERP upgrade projects
Level: Basic
Field of Study: Management Services
CPE Credits: 2
Member Price: $85.00
Non-Member Price: $160.00

Who Will Benefit:
This webinar is designed for all government staff involved with an ERP upgrade.


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10/29/2020 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Interactive Internet training
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