Budget Document Basics

Most, if not all, local governments produce a budget document every year as one of the final steps in their budget process, but do they know who is reading it and what they think of it? This course will encourage finance and budget staff to think critically about why their local government publishes a budget document and what they are communicating so that they can produce a document that is more useful for both internal and external stakeholders. By pointing out some of the limitations of the budget document as a communications tool, the course will also encourage attendees to think about how their organization's budget document fits in with its broader budget communications strategy and how to develop other means of communication to complement the budget document. Please note that this course is not focused on how to win the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. Instructors may touch on the criteria for the Budget Award, but it will not be a major focus of the presentation
8/1/2023 - 8/3/2023
Interactive LMS Virtual training

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