Budgeting Best Practices: Personnel Budgeting

While it can vary from one government to the next, it’s very common for the single highest expense in a public-sector body to be related to its people and their related expenses, including health and retirement benefits. But unlike other types of spending, responsibility for understanding and managing this category may be shared • often between the finance and human resource departments. As a result, some people may not comprehensively understand how personnel drives costs. This course will cover the fundamental aspects of personnel budgeting and focus on ancillary areas that impact a government’s bottom line, ranging from health benefits to prevailing wages to pensions. Several tools and approaches to personnel budgeting will be discussed and debated among course participants.

Learning Objectives: Those who successfully complete this seminar should be able to:

  • Identify personnel issues unique to the public sector that can complicate development of a personnel budget .
  • Learn different ways to categorize personnel classifications .
  • Learn how to develop a hiring plan.
  • Learn strategies for budgeting for vacancies, retirements, etc.
  • Learn how collective bargaining can affect the budget.
  • Identify different approaches to employee compensation.
  • Understand how staffing levels can affect to goal achievement.
  • Understand cost allocation concepts and methods.
Field of Study: Finance

March 29, 2021 | 1 pm - 3:45 pm ET
March 30, 2021 | 1 pm - 3:45 pm ET

Credits: 6.00

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Non-member Price: $420.00

3/29/2021 - 3/30/2021
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