Employee Cross-Training #2: How do I do it well?

Small Government Forum Members receive complimentary access to Forum events. To register as a forum member, visit https://www.gfoa.org/detail/small-government-forum-event-registration This is a professional development event brought to you by the Small Government Forum (SGF). This discussion will build on the first webinar "What is it, and why does it matter?" by exploring how governments should approach cross-training within their organizations. It will highlight some common mistakes and challenge made when cross-training employees and ways to avoid them. It will address the different types of cross-training and the pros and cons associated with each approach. Finally, the speakers will highlight how metrics and data can be used to enhance employee cross-training programs. Objectives "Explore the different types of employee cross-training "Determine the pros and cons to the various cross-training methods "Address how data can be used to enhance cross-training programs


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