GFOA's Fundamentals Virtual Forum - A Day in the Life

A finance officer needs a broad range of both technical and leadership skills to navigate the complex world of local government finance. Strong financial management requires competencies in accounting, budgeting, treasury management, procurement, and risk management, in addition to an ability to communicate, collaborate with others, lead teams, and play a role on a team responsible for building a thriving community. GFOA's 2023 Virtual Forum provides an opportunity for those new to government or those with career aspirations of obtaining a leadership position in the field to experience a day in the life of a finance officer. Over five days, GFOA will present 10 sessions that touch on topics a finance officer would be likely to face in their role. Each session will leverage GFOA's Financial Foundations Framework, Code of Ethics, and suite of best practices to provide additional resources.

Attend this virtual event to discover how you can improve your ability to:

  • Manage a team of finance professionals and navigate issues related to hybrid work and DEI
  • Prepare a budget for large infrastructure initiatives in the community
  • Understand different financing options, including those specifically for ESG projects related to your CIP and how to build that into a long-term financial plan for the organization
  • Oversee procurement processes and promote transparency and fairness in evaluating competitive options
  • Communicate with department heads about new policies for budget monitoring and tracking results
  • Develop an approach to accurately forecast cash flow needs
  • Understand how to appropriate account for capital assets
  • Guard against risks facing your organization, including impacts of climate change and cyber threats
  • Lead recruiting efforts to expand your team
  • Communicate financial information to elected officials and external stakeholders
7/10/2023 - 7/14/2023
Interactive online education

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