Concepts and Tools for Performance Management CD-ROM
Concepts and Tools for Performance Management CD-ROM

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Performance management has proven to be an essential tool for dealing with fiscal stress. In the effort to become more efficient, prioritize services, and promote transparency and accountability, government managers and staff increasingly rely on performance management strategies. In doing so, many have refined their planning, budgeting, and management practices, creating a more streamlined, responsive, and effective organization. This three-hour CD-ROM is a recording of the September 30, 2010, broadcast that presented topics every manager or finance professional should know: how performance management can help manage fiscal stress; how to improve the effectiveness of performance management programs; and how to develop a performance management program that lasts.

This session provided best practice recommendations from the National Performance Management Advisory Commission along with tools, techniques, and approaches that have been successfully used in governments. Speakers focused on lessons learned and developing skills that all public managers and finance professionals need to deal with today’s fiscal climate including:

  • Linking the mission, goals, and measures to create organizational alignment
  • Creating a budget process that focuses on results
  • Developing and using relevant and pertinent measures to inform decision making
  • Leveraging tools and technologies to improve access to information
  • Making changes last through proven implementation strategies.
Anne Kinney,
Director, Research and Consulting Center, Government Finance Officers Association, Chicago, Illinois
Ray Scher, Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Business Management, Miami-Dade County, Miami, Florida
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