Elected Official's Guide: Understanding Fiscal Health E-Book
Elected Official's Guide: Understanding Fiscal Health E-Book
NEW! An Elected Official's Guide: Understanding the Fiscal Health of Your Community E-Book

Prepared leaders make effective policy. Elected officials who understand the language and concepts of public finance can better assess the fiscal health of their communities.

Providing a high standard of living for a locality requires effective leadership. Those voted into public office can feel abruptly bombarded with reports and analysis spanning several departments, covering multiple distinct issues of governmental management. Although sometimes as confounding as it is vital, understanding the finance side of your jurisdiction undoubtedly helps public officials lead and craft effective policy.

Join GFOA standing committee members, elected officials, and experts of public fiscal management to introduce the first book in a three-part GFOA Elected Official’s Guide Series about developing an understanding of how public finance operates as a part of managing a community. This first volume, Understanding the Fiscal Health of Your Community, introduces important concepts in public fiscal management while building overall financial literacy. Understanding the key topics outlined in this series and becoming comfortable with the language of public finance can make for outstanding leadership.
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